What to Do When Stopped


The Vanzetti Hamilton Bar Association presented "What To Do When Stopped by the Police,” Feb. 19 at New Hope Baptist Church in Ann Arbor. Panel participants included (front, l-r) Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton, Ann Arbor Police Chief John Seto, Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie, ACLU Attorney Mark Fancher, attorney Delphia Simpson from the public defender’s office, and attorney Rev. Rodrick Green; (back) Secretary Kelechi Nnodim, President Rita White, Vice President Erane Washington, and Immediate Past President Robyn L.  McCoy . A similar presentation is set for Ypsilanti High School on March 9, with Ypsilanti Police Chief Tony DeGuisti and criminal defense attorney Michael Vincent, as well as Mackie, Fancher, McCoy and Clayton.

Photo courtesy of Toi Dennis