MSU Law alumna Salam Elia encourages entrepreneurs in downtown Detroit


Michigan State University College of?Law alumna Salam Elia, who specializes in Business Law, owns a boutique law firm, Elia Law, in Warren. A director of the Chaldean American Bar Association, Elia received her Juris Doctorate with honors, from MSU?Law and received a bachelor’s degree with honors in political science and in philosophy from the University of Michigan.

Photo courtesy of MSU?Law

Where passion meets profession, you’ll find Salam Elia. As the eldest child in her family, she realized from a young age that she had a leader’s mentality and natural passion to use her voice. Everyone in her family knew she would become an attorney.

During Elia’s time at MSU Law, she established the Middle Eastern Students Association (MESA), now known as the Middle Eastern Law Student Association (MELSA). She started this organization to create a place where local and international students could build a strong network and strengthen connections then and for the future.

In April 2018, Elia opened her boutique law firm in Metro Detroit.“Seeing how I took MESA and made it a reality helps me advise my clients from A to Z about what it takes to get a business off the ground and how to keep it going into the future,” said Elia.

When Elia started her firm, she knew she wanted to use her knowledge and networks in corporate law to help entrepreneurs bring businesses to Detroit and the surrounding metropolitan area.“I love Detroit – as a person, as an individual – I am a supporter of the city. We have a history here that basically established the United States as a leading global economy throughout the world because of the Big Three,” said Elia. “When the economy crashed in 2008, Michiganders were hit harder here than the rest of the country was during the Great Depression. Opening my firm here wasn’t just about me; it was about being a part of the entire Metro Detroit community, rebuilding and getting back on our feet.”

Like Detroit, Elia’s firm is growing and she’s adding new members to the team. Her hope for the future is to continue investing in the Metro Detroit area.


This story was first published in Michigan State University College of Law’s Summer 2018 edition of “Spartan Lawyer.”