Couple married 70 years renew vows - this time in church

UXBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts couple have finally gotten the church wedding they always wanted — 70 years after first tying the knot.

The Telegram & Gazette reports 90-year-old Edward Gouin and 89-year-old Lena Gouin renewed their vows Saturday at the Roman Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd in Uxbridge thanks to some careful planning by their family.

Edward is Catholic and Lena is Congregationalist so a wedding in a church was barred when they were first married. Instead, they were wed in a church rectory.

Attitudes have since changed.

The World War II veteran says the secrets to a long marriage are never go to bed angry and kiss your wife every time you leave the house.

The couple have three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.