Social Justice Series hosts bi-annual mock trial

 The SOAR Lifelong Learning Institute will present the latest installment of The Harry Cook Social Justice Series Bi-Annual Mock Trial on Monday, May 17 in Farmington Hills.

The event, entitled “Fascism: Can It Happen in America?” will take place from 1-3:30pm at The Hawk Community Center. There is no charge to attend and the event is open to the public.

The forum is designed to provoke discussion on the resilience of America’s democracy in the face of authoritarian ideologies.

As political tensions rise and historical parallels draw concern,  organizers say this mock trial will explore the authoritarian, ultranationalist ideology of fascism and if those ideologies could infiltrate American governance.

The mock proceedings will be managed by Court Officer Steve Kaplan, along with Attorney Sabrina Cronin presiding as judge.

Attorney Joseph Kosmala will argue the potential for fascism in the U.S. against Prof. Robert Sedler, who will contend that American institutions are robust enough to withstand such threats.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the Harry Cook Social Justice Series Mock Trial back again this year as part of SOAR’s mission to enhance the quality of life of our participants and the community through through-provoking academic education lectures, events, and shared interest groups,” said Debra Yamstein, SOAR executive director. “What started as an organization designed for retired adults in 2011 has evolved into a collaborative learning environment for anyone with curious mind and the time to invest in learning more about the world around us.”

The Social Justice Series was organized with the intent of engaging the community in bi-annual mock trials on pressing issues.

These trials not only highlight the legal intricacies of historical and current events but also promote civic awareness and participation.

SOAR Lifelong Learning Institute, formerly the Society of Active Retirees, is dedicated to providing enriching educational experiences that foster an understanding of key legal and historical issues within our society.

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