Duly Noted

Warner Norcross attorneys honored by Best Lawyers®

Eight attorneys from the law firm of Warner Norcross & Judd LLP have been designated The Best Lawyers in America® 2014 Lawyers of the Year by earning a high level of respect among their peers for their abilities, professionalism and integrity. Only a single lawyer in each specialty in each community is so honored.

They are: James. H. Breay, financial services regulation; Melissa N. Collar, construction law; J.A. Cragwall, Jr., securities litigation; Hugh H. Makens, on the list for his third consecutive year for his work in securities regulation; Molly E. McManus, banking and financing litigation; and Robert H. Skilton, in bankruptcy and creditor debtor rights/insolvency and reorganization law in the Grand Rapids office; Richard J. Aaron (energy law) and Jeffrey W. Bracken (environmental litigation) in Lansing; and Mary Jo Larson (employee benefits) in Detroit.
In addition, 95 Warner Norcross attorneys were rated as Best Lawyers for 2014.  Attorneys representing more than 40 practice areas and in each of the Michigan Warner Norcross offices were selected.

In addition to those above, they include: Loren M. Andrulis, Edward J. Bardelli, Jeffrey S. Battershall, Andrea J. Bernard,  Jeffrey O. Birkhold, Richard L. Bouma, Kurt M.Brauer, Charles E. Burpee, John V. Byl, Robert J. Chovanec, Melissa N. Collar, Sean H. Cook, Catherine S. Collins, Sue O. Conway, Troy M. Cumings, William P. Dani, Cameron S. DeLong, Daniel K. DeWitt, Dennis J. Donohue, Kevin G. Dougherty,Douglas A. Dozeman, Robert A. Dubault, Carl W. Dufendach, Candace C. Dugan, John D. Dunn, Daniel P.Ettinger, Matthew L. Goska, Stephen B. Grow, Andrew W. Hakken, William W. Hall, Shane B. Hansen, Mark K. Harder, Timothy Hillegonds, William K. Holmes, Timothy L. Horner, Sarah Riley Howard, Scott D. Hubbard, William R. Jansen, Richard A. Kay, Jay A. Kennedy, Steven C. Kohl,  Anthony J. Kolenic, Jr., Stephen R. Kretschman, Janet P. Knaus, Norbert F. Kugele, Gordon R. Lewis, Heidi A. Lyon,  Thomas J. Manganello, John R. Marquis,  Rodney D. Martin, Charles E. McCallum, F. William McKee, John H. McKendry, Jr., Craig N. Meurlin, Christian E. Meyer, Susan G. Meyers, James E. Moskal, Jeffrey A. Ott, Mark B. Periard, Jeffrey B. Power, James J. Rabaut, Louis C. Rabaut, Janet L. Ramsey, Jennifer L. Remondino, Richard A. Roane, Michael L. Robinson, Alan T. Rogalski, Vernon P. Saper,  Gregory E. Schmidt, Ernest M. Sharpe, Todd W. Simpson, Eugene E. Smary, Jerome M. Smith, James J. Steffel, Justin W. Stemple, Gordon J. Toering, W. Michael Van Haren, Douglas E. Wagner, Mark J. Wassink, Stephen C. Waterbury, Steven D. Weyhing, George L. Whitfield, Deborah J. Williamson, Bruce C. Young, and  Lisa B. Zimmer.