U of M Trauma Burn Center honors Varnum injury attorneys for service


(shown left to right) Rick Halpert,  Debbie Palmer, Bonnie Sawusch,  and Steve Weston.

The University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center has awarded the 2016 Pamela Pucci Service Award to Varnum attorneys.

The award, named for long-time critical care nurse Pamela Pucci who served as injury prevention educator at the UM Trauma Burn Center, was established as a way of recognizing those who exemplify her passion, commitment, dedication and service.

More information about the award can be found at http://traumaburn.org/who/pucci.shtml.

Palmer, Sawusch, Weston and Halpert were selected due to their long-standing commitment and support of UM Trauma Burn Center and were presented with the award at the Burn Injury Awareness Walk and Safety Education Fair on June 5 in Ypsilanti.

In addition to their legal practice and representation of severely injured individuals, the four attorneys are highly regarded among organizations that advocate for burn survivors.

Sawusch, who served as a critical care nurse for 15 years prior to pursuing a career in law, has been active in the American Burn Association for many years, currently serving on the ABA Burn Prevention Committee.
She was recently appointed to the Burn Prevention Task Force of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Halpert is a founder and long-time board member of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering those affected by burn injuries. He also served the American Burn Association in leadership roles for many years. All four attorneys provide regular support to the burn community at the local and national levels.

“We are very humbled to receive this award,” said Sawusch. “One cannot work with burn survivors on a regular basis and fail to be touched by the spirit of the dedicated network of caregivers, as well as the survivors themselves. To be recognized for our support of this community is very meaningful. We are truly honored to be recognized in this way.”

The UM Trauma Burn Center Burn Injury Awareness Walk and Safety Fair is held each year in an effort to bring awareness to burn prevention. Each year, almost half a million burn injuries occur that that are serious enough to require medical attention. Burns are difficult and challenging injuries that can have a life-long impact. The suffering caused by burns is made more tragic by the fact that they can be prevented.

Please visit the UM Trauma Burn Center website for more information on burn prevention at www.traumaburn.org/prevention/index.shtml