July bar exam will be the third conducted virtually since the pandemic began

The Board of Law Examiners (BLE) will administer the bar examination online in July, the third bar exam conducted virtually since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The examination will be administered on July 27 and 28, and will follow the traditional format, consisting of an essay portion and the full 200 question Multistate Bar Examination.

The BLE will inform applicants of the specific instructions for completing the online examination no later than July 1.

Any applicant receiving accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act that would preclude remote testing will be allowed to test in person at a location to be determined, assuming that federal and state restrictions permit such examination.

Applicants who did not register to use a laptop to complete the exam must contact the board if the applicant is unable to use a computer to do so.

Those who complete the test in person will be required to adhere to federal and state health recommendations and requirements.

Such requirements will, at a minimum, likely require the applicant to answer health-related screening questions, undergo a temperature check, use personal protective equipment and comply with staggered test times to ensure social distancing mandates.

For applicants who do not wish to test in July, applications will automatically be transferred to the February 2022 bar examination.

Applicants who wish to transfer their application to the next available examination should notify the BLE of that decision no later than July 1 by email at: BLE-Info@courts.mi.gov.

Transfer fees will not be charged.

Applicants who wish to withdraw entirely from the bar admission process and notify the BLE of that withdrawal by email, no later than July 1, will have their examination fees refunded by the BLE and their character and fitness fees refunded by the State Bar of Michigan.

Applicants have the affirmative obligation to frequently check the BLE website, according to the court, where updates, instructions and other vital information will be provided.