Discussing ethics with law students


– Photo by John Meiu

Incoming students to Western Michigan University Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus recently participated in the school’s Professionalism in Action Orientation Program. The program was held in cooperation with the State Bar of Michigan (SBM). On behalf of the SBM, Jennifer Grieco (front row, center), secretary for the organization, welcomed the new students. She reminded the students of the importance of ethics in the profession, and thanked WMU-Cooley for being the first school to require this Professionalism Orientation for all incoming students. To prepare students for issues they may face during their career, local attorneys and judges led small group discussions about professional conduct and ethical dilemmas.  Also taking part in the program were (front row, left to right) WMU-Cooley Assistant Dean Lisa Halushka, WMU-Cooley Associate Dean Joan Vestrand, Victoria King, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson, Wayne County Circuit Court Judges Ed Ewell and Judge Eric Cholack, U.S. District Court Judge Denise Page Hood, and Paul Monicatti; along with (back row, left to right) Caterina Amaro-Luedtke, Alan Gershel, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Matis, Edwar Zeineh, Brian Einhorn, WMU-Cooley Assoc. Dean of Career & Professional Development Charles Toy, Tom Cranmer, and Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Leo Bowman.