Judge dismisses lawsuit over Ann Arbor program to kill deer

ANN ARBOR (AP) — A judge has dismissed a federal lawsuit over Ann Arbor’s program to kill deer in city parks and nature areas.

The Ann Arbor News reports  U.S. District Court Judge Arthur Tarnow granted motions Monday by the city, state and federal governments to throw out the case.

The lawsuit was filed in January by Ann Arbor Residents for Public Safety in objection to the deer cull.

 The hunt last winter resulted in sharpshooters killing 63 deer. 

Efforts to reduce the deer population are expected to continue in future years.

City Attorney Stephen Postema says in a statement the case “had no factual or legal basis.”

Officials said the cull was needed because the deer population is getting out of control. Opponents argued it’s dangerous to the public and unnecessary.