Federal Bar seeks nominations for civility award

The Federal Bar Association, Eastern District of Michigan Chapter, is seeking nominations for the Julian Abele Cook Jr. — Bernard A. Friedman Civility Award.

This award recognizes a civil practitioner who is an outstanding example of professional excellence and civility. Attorneys are encouraged to consider nominating a most deserving colleague.

This award is in recognition of the dedication to civility of two outstanding jurists: former Chief Judge Julian Abele Cook Jr., who, in 1998, constituted the first Civility Committee in the Eastern District of Michigan and fostered the implementation of the court’s Civility Principles; and Chief Judge Bernard A. Friedman who formed the court’s second Civility Committee in 2007, and fostered the implementation of the Eastern District’s “Lawyer’s Commitment of Professional Civility.”

The Julian Abele Cook Jr. – Bernard A. Friedman FBA Civility Award shall be awarded yearly at the Chapter’s Annual Dinner.

In selecting an attorney to receive the award, the following criteria shall be utilized:

• The attorney has been significantly engaged in the practice of civil law.

• The attorney demonstrates the highest levels of legal competency and Professionalism.

• The attorney’s conduct is in accordance with the highest standards of professional integrity and personal courtesy as set forth in the Civility Principles of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

• The attorney has demonstrated, while fulfilling the fundamental duty to represent clients vigorously, a mindfulness of the equally important obligation to the administration of justice, which is a truth-seeking process designed to resolve human and societal problems in a rational, peaceful, and efficient manner.

• The attorney is guided by a fundamental sense of dignity, decency, candor, and fair play.

The selection committee for the Cook-Friedman Civility Award consists of a panel of federal judges interested in participating, prior Cook-Friedman Civility Award winners, and the FBA chapter president and president-elect. The meeting will be chaired by the most recent award winner.

When making a nomination, submit the name of the individual and a brief statement as to the reasons why the individual should receive the recognition to the selection committee.  Utilize the above criteria and email the nomination to the chapter’s executive director at fbamich@fbamich.org. 

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, May 26, by 5 p.m.