Commissioners promoted healthy food at Oakland County's Food Day event


Monday, Oct. 24, Oakland County Commissioners Marcia Gershenson and Christine A. Long joined with the Oakland County Health Department to provide families with apples. Apples were donated to promote Oakland County's "Food Day" initiative, as a part of the national "Food Day" movement.

The goal of "Food Day" was to help citizens access healthy and affordable food produced in a sustainable way. The "Food Day" program reminds residents of the benefits of buying locally and the many health benefits for making good food choices. This effort had the support of the local Long Family Farm. The Longs have a history of community involvement and donated the apples for the "Food Day" event.

Gershenson is a member of the community Healthy Oakland Partnership which includes representatives from the Oakland County Health Department, Oakland County Parks and Recreation, MSU extension, local hospitals, schools, nutritionists and many other community groups focused on health in the community.

"Next year, we hope to expand our efforts to include the county court buildings and offices where substantial numbers of people visit to increase the impact of the 'Food Day' message. Healthy workers are more productive and buying locally helps strengthen our economy," stated Gershenson.

Gershenson hopes to make "Food Day" an annual event in Oakland County and is proud to join the 2,300 organizers in this year's event that was hosted in all 50 states.

Published: Wed, Nov 16, 2011