Library of Congress prepares to mark Magna Carta's 800th year

The Library of Congress is preparing to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the first issue of Magna Carta with a variety of events, including a symposium and participation in an American Bar Association (ABA) traveling exhibit.

In 1215, in a grassy meadow at Runnymede, the English barons prevailed upon King John to grant them a number of rights and liberties. This document, Magna Carta, or "Great Charter," one of the lasting treasures of human history, is one of the world's most enduring symbols of the rule of law, providing the basis for the concept that no one is above the law, not even the king.

A series of events at the Library, including a substantive symposium, will be announced at later dates.

The Law Library of Congress is providing materials for and curating a traveling exhibition on Magna Carta for the ABA. The exhibition will open at a 2014 ABA Annual Meeting in Boston and travel across the United States. In June 2015, the ABA Magna Carta Facsimile Traveling Exhibit will journey to England and beyond.

Published: Mon, Aug 19, 2013