Candidates featured at forum


 A judicial candidate forum featuring the August primary candidates for Oakland County 52-4 District Court was conducted Monday, July 14, at Clawson City Hall.  

Taking part in the forum were candidates (left to right) AnnMarie DeVito, Maureen M. McGinnis, and Michael Bosnic.  

The forum was the result of a partnership—now in its fifth judicial cycle—among the Oakland County Bar Association, the League of Women Voters Oakland Area, and the Detroit Free Press that aims to sponsor judicial candidate forums in all contested judicial races in Oakland County.  

The forum was open to the public and was video recorded so that it may be aired on cable channels in the communities where the races take place. As soon as the recording is available, it is loaded on the OCBA’s YouTube page at  

Additionally, all candidates have been asked to complete a Judicial Candidate Questionnaire. The completed questionnaires are available on the OCBA website at The questionnaires are posted on the website exactly as the candidates submitted them. 

(Photo by John Meiu)