Anniversary celebrated


The Oakland County 52-2 District Court celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its Sobriety Court Program on Wednesday, Oct. 22, at the White Oaks Golf and Banquet Center. 

Proud to speak at the ceremony was Oakland County 52-2 District Court Judge Kelley Kostin (pictured). 

Since November 2004, the 52-2 District Court has operated the Sobriety Court Program, a specialized court program for high-risk drinking and driving offenders. This program promotes public safety and reduced recidivism by connecting the offender with therapeutic services to treat the underlying substance abuse problem which led to the criminal behavior.

The program follows national standards for special-population courts including the 10 key components of drug courts and the 10 guiding principles of DWI courts. A fundamental difference from traditional case processing is that the Sobriety Court utilizes a collaborative team approach among the judge, probation officer, treatment provider, and defense counsel.  This post-adjudication program includes intense probation supervision, substance abuse treatment, frequent alcohol and drug testing, and frequent judicial review.

The program offers a highly structured and intensive setting which promotes ongoing sobriety, personal responsibility, and productive citizenship.

(Photo by John Meiu)