Prisoner gets parole interview after winning case in Michigan court

COLDWATER, Mich. (AP) - An inmate who won a groundbreaking case at the Michigan Supreme Court has been interviewed for possible parole after more than 25 years in prison.

Matthew Makowski spoke to a parole board member Monday. Corrections Department spokesman Chris Gautz says more information is needed and a decision could take weeks.

In 2010, Gov. Jennifer Granholm changed Makowski's no-parole sentence, making him eligible for release, but she switched her position a few days later. The Supreme Court unanimously said Granholm's switch was illegal.

Makowski was convicted of first-degree murder for arranging a robbery that turned into a fatal stabbing in Dearborn in 1988. He wasn't present when Pete Puma was killed. Officials say the 47-year-old has been an excellent prisoner.

Published: Wed, Nov 19, 2014