Conversations on connected cars


Considering the uncertainty about the capabilities of connected and autonomous car technology, Butzel Long presented a Connected Car Symposium to provide expert insight on the latest developments. The half-day program took place from on Friday, June 2, at The Madison in Detroit. Taking part in the symposium were (left to right) McConnell Trapp, Butzel Shareholder Tom Southard, Butzel Shareholder Brian Seal, Brian Daugherty of MEMA, Butzel Shareholder Claudia Rast, Scott Wrobel of N1 Discovery LLC, Butzel Shareholder Jennifer Dukarski, and Butzel Shareholder Stephen Goodman.  “With the intersection of automotive technology, artificial intelligence and communications, a new mobility economy has taken root,” said Dukarski, leader of Butzel Long’s Connected Car Working Group. “Companies need to be prepared for new regulations and new business partners.”

– Photo by John Meiu