The American Bar Association new book release, "Being Heard: Presentation Skills for Attorneys," is a comprehensive guide that provides lawyers with basic as well as advanced techniques to enhance presentations, whether in or out of court.

While many people dread public speaking, it is a skill that can be learned, like writing, playing an instrument or becoming fluent in another language.

Attorneys and non-attorneys alike will find in this book techniques that can be used immediately to improve their presentation skills. From researching the audience to creating the perfect message to body language and delivery tips, this wide-reaching guide provides the tools needed to be a better speaker.

Author Faith Pincus is an accomplished speaker who has trained attorneys, CEOs, elected and appointed of?cials, candidates and management for more than 25 years. As an attorney and former federal law clerk, she is positioned to understand the speaking skills required of attorneys.

"Being Heard: Presentation Skills for Attorneys" costs $39.95 and can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or online at

Published: Mon, Dec 10, 2018