OK2SAY received 686 tips in November

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette last Friday released the November OK2SAY tip numbers.

Top tip categories include:

Suicide – 174 tips
Bullying – 121 Tips
Other (e.g., anxiety, stress, depression, harassment)
Drugs – 60 tips
Self-Harm – 46 tips

“OK2SAY is a vital part of Michigan schools,” said Schuette. “It’s clear each month when we review the tips that students are using OK2SAY to report when they need help. It’s important to review the tips and the categories so we can better help Michigan kids.”

The attorney general offers free Student Safety programming for K-12th grade students, parents, guardians, and community leaders. To date, more than two million Michigan students have attended a presentation.

Students in K-5th grade receive age-appropriate instruction from the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI), a national award-winning program and feeder program for OK2SAY. Students in 6th-12th grade receive dynamic OK2SAY student safety programming.

Adults can learn about our programs and how to host them by attending our Community Seminar or Program Overview. Scheduling is fast and easy on the OK2SAY website, ok2say.com.

Schuette is urging Michigan principals to fill out or update the online OK2SAY School Contact Form.  When specific individuals  with whom OK2SAY technicians can follow up with regarding tip information are designated, it saves time and lives.

Students, teachers, parents, school officials, friends, and neighbors can submit tips though any of the following ways:

Call:   8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)
Text:   652729 (OK2SAY)
Email:  OK2SAY@mi.gov
Web: ok2say.com

OK2SAY Mobile App: Available for download in app stores for iPhone and Android.