Snyder signs legislation creating memorial highway

A portion of M-44 in Kent County will be named after fallen Michigan State Trooper Timothy O'Neill, who died while on duty last year.  Gov. Rick Snyder signed the legislation last Thursday.

“Trooper O’Neill was dedicated to serving his community and gave the ultimate sacrifice,” Snyder said. “This legislation is a good way to honor his service.”

Senate Bill 960, sponsored by state Sen. Peter MacGregor, designates the portion of Highway M-44 in Kent County that begins at its intersection with Rogue River Road and extends northeast to its intersection with Belding Road, as the “Michigan State Trooper Timothy O'Neill Memorial Highway.” The bill is now PA 379 of 2018.

Snyder also signed 38 additional measures:

• HB 4701, sponsored by state Rep. Holly Hughes, exempts veterans from fees assessed to incorporate a business. The bill is now PA 380 of 2018.

• HB 4858, sponsored by state Rep. Thomas Albert, amends the Preference in Employment Act to add a section regarding the setting of compensation when veterans are hired. The bill is now PA 381 of 2018.

• HB 5199, sponsored by state Rep. Jim Lilly, amends the Michigan Election Law to require the Secretary of State to provide an expedited canvass if unofficial results for a U.S. presidential election show a vote differential under 25,000 votes. The bill is now PA 382 of 2018.

• HBs 5217-5219, sponsored by state Reps. Joseph Bellino, Tom Barrett, and Beau LaFave, respectively, make several changes regarding patient transportation between hospitals for emergency and non-emergency patients and includes consumer protections. The bills are now PAs 383-384 of 2018.

• HB 5719, sponsored by state Rep. Curtis VanderWall, revises a state package liquor store quota system that allows just one store for every 1,000 residents in a community, by allowing more than one in a community of less than 1,000 under specified conditions. The bill is now PA 385 for 2018.

• SB 751, sponsored by state Sen. Marty Knollenberg, will allow cosmetology students to perform shampooing services in licensed cosmetology establishments. The bill is now PA 386 of 2018.

• SB 962, sponsored by state Sen. Wayne Schmidt, allows a licensed adult foster care facility to provide substance use disorder treatment services if the facility is licensed as a substance use disorder treatment program and if it’s approved by MDHHS as a co-occurring enhanced crisis residential program. The bill is now PA 387 of 2018.

• SB 1051, sponsored by state Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, strengthens good government practices and financial transparency by codifying current fiscal practices including the presentation of a 2-year budget from the Governor’s Office; requiring a new, easy-to-understand annual report on the state’s financial condition to be posted on the internet; and requiring a 5-year strategic plan to be presented by the governor each year. The bill is now PA 388 of 2018.

• HB 5321, sponsored by state Rep. Triston Cole, prohibits the issuance of a permit to sterilize game animals until April 1, 2022. The bill is now PA 389 of 2018.

• HB 5374, sponsored by state Rep. Martin Howrylak, excludes power-driven mobility devices as the definition of motor vehicles under certain circumstances and includes disabled individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility devices in the definition of pedestrian. The bill is now PA 390 of 2018.

• HBs 5640 and 5641, sponsored by state Reps. Triston Cole and Ben Frederick, amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to require a person operating or moving certain vehicles or equipment to stop a certain distance from a railroad track and listen and look in both directions along the track for other on-track equipment and for signals indicating the approach of other on-track equipment before crossing. HB 5641 creates a definition of other on-track equipment. The bills are now PAs 391 and 392 of 2018.

• HB 5643, sponsored by state Rep. Tim Sneller, expands certain criteria for operation of a vehicle at railroad crossings. The bill is now PA 393 of 2018.

• SB 434, sponsored by state Sen. Peter MacGregor, expands the number of facilities under oversight of veterans' facility ombudsman. The bill is now PA 394 of 2018.

• SB 842, sponsored by state Sen. Dale Zorn, requires hospices to establish policies for disposal of controlled substances at the home care level under certain circumstances. The bill is now PA 395 of 2018.

• SB 898, sponsored by state Sen. Joe Hune, modifies reporting requirements for captive insurance companies. The bill is now PA 396 of 2018.

• SB 929, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, allows ambulances in small areas to operate at a lesser licensing level if certain safeguards are in place. The bill is now PA 397 of 2018.

• HB 5711, sponsored by state Rep. Triston Cole, removes certain hunting age limits on public land. The bill is now PA 398 of 2018.

• HB 5836, sponsored by state Rep. Marino, allows electronic verification for boater's safety certificate. The bill is now PA 399 of 2018.

• HBs 5988 and 5989, sponsored by state Reps. Beau LaFave and Joseph Bellino, waive fines and costs for failure to produce boater's safety certificate if an electronic copy is produced before citation appearance date. HB 5989 requires the Department of Natural Resources to develop the means for individuals to display an electronic copy of a boater's safety certificate to a peace officer. The bills are now PAs 400 and 401 of 2018.                    

• SBs 1154 – 1168, sponsored by state Sens. Tory Rocca (1154-1158, Joe Hune (1159-1163), and Rebekah Warren (1164-1168), update the Michigan Liquor Control Code to clarify the definition and requirements for manufacturing alcoholic liquor and creates specific permit and license types for manufacturers to sell their products at retail to consumers. The bill are now PAs 402-417 of 2018.