'Drafting Tips for Corporate & LLC Documents' offered

The Business Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan will present “That’s Not What I Meant—Drafting Tips for Corporate & LLC Documents” on Wednesday, June 26, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Columbia Center, 101 W Big Beaver Rd. in Troy.

This program will discuss and provide sample language for drafting issues beyond the basics, such as:

• Voting dynamics, including majority, supermajority and unanimous voting
• Deadlock
• S elections by LLCs
• Distributions
• Transfer restrictions and permitted transfers
• Buyouts–triggers and valuation
• Owners as employees–terms and termination

Speakers include Daniel H. Minkus of Clark Hill PLC; Bruce W. Haffey of Giarmarco, Mullins, and Horton PC; and Douglas T. Toering of Mantese Honigman.

Cost is $25. To register online, visit www.eiseverywhere.com/bl062619.  For questions about this event, contact the Business Law Section administrator at 248-953-9022 or businesslawsection@gmail.com.